Friday, August 3, 2007

Confirmation Forms + Buttons

Hey folks,

Confirmation forms for the Art Marathon are still being accepted at the gallery, so if you want to be involved it's not to late! You can come down and get them at Eastern Edge, they're also floating around Hava Java or you can just go to the link below and print one off.
Artists and Volunteers click here
Performers click here

If are are going to be joining in on the fun, could you let me know asap as many schedules really do need to be out early next week.

As well buttons with Marathon details are available at Hava Java and Johnny Ruth, super cute, they cost a dollar and go straight to supporting the gallery.

Boo yah,

Oh the gallery contact info -, or call 739 1882 and the addy is 72 Harbour Drive.


Curiosity & Joy said...

wow this is great. just to say that The Craig Frances Power Trio has been working on a killer set for the marathon.
Grand Master Narrative

craigfrancis said...

What is the meaning of this?